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You Said Yes! Now What?

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Congratulations on your engagement! I’m sure you’ve been anticipating this moment and dreaming about your wedding for some time. Now that special time of your life is finally here! So, where to begin? Take a deep breath and read on.

Step One: Enjoy the moment

The most amazing person in the world just opened their heart to you and asked that you spend the rest of your life with them. Take in every detail, every word, and every emotion. Jump for joy! Close your eyes and say a silent thank you (and feel free to do a mental victory dance while you’re in there). Then share and celebrate with all the important people in your life. I know you will be anxious to start planning and be able to answer everyone’s questions about your wedding, but it’s important to stay focused on the magic of this time so you don’t get stressed about details that won’t matter in the end. The more you consciously savor this milestone in your relationship, the closer you will grow to your fiancé and the happier you will be with your wedding and the ever after.

*Important: this is your last chance to meditate, grab some wine or get in some smooches before moving to step two.

She said Yes

Step Two: Plan your budget and draft your guest list

Keep in mind that the amount of guests you invite will directly impact almost every aspect of your wedding. You don’t just need more space, food, and drinks—you will need more centerpieces, invitations, cake, favors, and more. Be realistic about both your budget and guest list early on, or instead of “here comes the bride,” you might be thinking “here comes the bill.“ (Like I said, stay focused on the magic as noted in step 1.)

Step Three: Pick a date

Take into consideration seasons you love, slow periods at both of your jobs, dates you would like to avoid (i.e. holidays, birthdays) and of course, how you envision your wedding (i.e. outdoors, winter wonderland, etc.). You might also want to take into account the availability of close family and friends. If you’re concerned about your budget, you can also avoid peak wedding season for the venue or geographic location you are interested in.

Step Four: Get help

Once you pick a date you will be ready to move on to big decisions like the venue, DJ, photographer, florist, and… your dress! You will want to order a wedding cake. Order invitations. Plan transportation and, well… the list goes on. Don’t give yourself a chance to get overwhelmed. Recognize that you and your fiancé will need help to get everything done. Either enlist your most organized friends and family to assist with various wedding details, or hire a wedding planner.

Step Five: Repeat Step One

Happy engagement and wedding planning!

Michelle Peralta is the co-owner of Josie Michelle Events, an event planning and design company servicing New York and New Jersey founded in 2011. She has 15 years of experience planning corporate events for New York City law firms, and 6 years experience planning and designing social events. Michelle holds a BA in English Literature from St. Johns University, and is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. She’s been featured on Urban Latino Radio, Opcion New York, the Long Island Business News, and various event blogs.

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