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Wedding Photography: Explained

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A photographer divides the wedding day into two major segments. The first part of the day is focused on taking pictures of details such as the dress, the shoes, the rings, the bouquets, etc. During this time the photographer will also photograph the mother of the bride, or even the maid of honor helping the bride put on her dress and jewelry. Once the bride is ready, the photographer concentrates on getting portraits of the bride by herself. This is usually when she looks her best as her dress is in the best shape and her makeup and hair are fresh.

Next comes the moment when the photographer captures the groom’s first look at the bride— that is, if the couple chooses to see each other before the ceremony. This is followed by photos of the soon-to-be-married couple. Finally, the photographer will end the first part of the day by photographing the couple with the bridal party and family members.


During this first part of the day, the photographer requires a lot of time to choose the best light possible and the best background for the pictures. Having the couple pose differently and move around is also very time consuming, but essential: These pictures are difficult to take once the guests arrive.

The second part of the day comes during the ceremony and at the reception. A skilled photographer will have to be quick to capture candid pictures with limited space to move around and little control to pose or communicate with anyone.

The lack of time, the loud music, and the crowded environment make the reception a less-than-ideal location for the formal wedding shots of the bride and groom with their families and the wedding party. That is why it is essential that the couple plans to have the photographer begin work at least four hours before the ceremony. By doing so, the couple will not only have beautiful formal pictures but they will also have ample time to greet friends and family members, eat, dance, and most important of all, have fun on their wedding day.

Tino is Queens-based fun and energetic bilingual wedding photographer who will go out of his way to get the "the shot," even if it means getting down and dirty. His passion is to capture the sheer essence of the moment, the perfect little details and love surrounding you on your special day.

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