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Three Tips to Reduce Wedding Anxiety

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Your big day is almost here—and so is the feeling of you catching a panic attack! Let’s face it: Weddings may cause anxiety because of the many changes that they entail. Anxiety is a healthy emotion, but not in excess. You need to manage your anxiety, or risk turning into a bridezilla.

Follow these three important tips in order to ease your stress levels.

Communicate clearly

Do others see your wedding exactly the way you do? Probably not, so make sure you take the time to communicate your goals and expectations to family and friends. Shown them images— no just verbal explanations—of what you want. A picture of how you want your hair, or the type of cake you want, works a lot better than a long-winded explanation.

Ask for help

If you plan to enjoy your wedding, don’t expect to do everything on your own. Have you accepted help from those who offer it? Have you considered hiring a wedding planner? Are you willing to collect advice from others who have already had a wedding? No one expects you to tackle this solo.

Create deadlines and stick to them

Have you created a timeline and checklist for your wedding? It is essential that you consider all details that are important to you. Imagine your wedding day being at least two days before the actual date and ask yourself if you are truly ready for the big day. If the answer is no, you need to sit down with a pen and some paper (but most likely a smartphone).

Karlista Peralta is an energetic Dominican-American woman who enjoys living with her husband and daughter in New York City. She graduated with her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University and worked in New York City Hospitals with survivors of trauma and the homeless. Karlista believes in setting goals and reaching them while maintaining a balanced life and hopes to transmit these ideas to her readers.

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