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Grooming the Groom

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You’ve been together for a while now, through thick and thin. Many adventures you have shared on a long journey. You are companions. You swore a life together—never to be separated.

But the wedding is approaching and the time has come to go your separate ways.

It’s time to say goodbye… to your beard.

I think I literally just heard every man reading this article gasp in unison at the thought. “Wait, what? No one said I had to shave off my beard!”

Ultimately, the choice to go baby smooth or not is something that should be discussed with your wife-to-be as well as thought out by yourself. Do you want the fresh faced look for the wedding photos, or would you rather show off your manliness?

Honestly, the decision should be based on the type of wedding you will be having. If you opt for the more traditional church and family style wedding, I would suggest the clean face. And keep in mind: The beard will grow back.

Grooming the Groom Collage

Now if your theme is a more rustic, outdoorsy celebration, then at the very least, go for some professional grooming.

Right now, the beard is a highly fashionable man-grown accessory being sported by everyone nowadays from models to actors and athletes. As such, we’ve seen a rise in products for men’s facial hair, as well as the rise in barbers as opposed to hairstylists.

So, if you are planning on sporting the beard, I would highly suggest looking into some products like Beard Balm, which will help with the look and feel of your beard, much the same way a woman will use multiple products on her hair for a smooth and silky appearance. You’ll be sporting a healthy looking beard that’s manageable and attractive for the photos.

Once you’ve started a decent and consistent beard care regime, and the date approaches, you should definitely set up an appointment with an old school barber. These places are awesome to visit, and they are highly skilled in the field of trimming, treating, and shaping your beard—giving you some glorious facial locks for your wedding day!

Brandon Michael Lee is a Toronto-based, award-winning event designer, writer, and filmmaker. When it comes to the wedding industry, his style falls outside the box in the creation of glamorous, unique, and one-of-a-kind events, doing away with the generic and mundane. While working on his own projects, Brandon is also a contributor to a few lifestyle and fashion magazines and the Editor-in-Chief to Canada’s first gay magazine.

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